Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard
When Mare Barrow's falls into the arena where royal Silvers from all over are courting and competing for the prince Cal, she learns that she's not like all the other lowly Reds. She has powers like the Silvers. But this is unheard of, impossible. Reds don't have powers, they are the equivalent to peasants -- slaves while Silvers are Godly and cruel. Mare is then forced to pretend to be a long lost Silver by the King, and forced to be betrothed to Maven, the second prince. Mare, now known to the world as Mareena, decides to join up with the Red rebellion, the Scarlet Guard. And there, with an unlikely ally she sets forth to pluck the Silvers from their pedestal. But the path is not easy, and Mare's heart is divided between her betrothed and Cal. 
My coworker Mel read this book and adored it, and kept pushing me to read it. Everywhere I turn, all I heard was praise of this book so I finally sat down and dug in. I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't read this book sooner. And I'm so bummed I have to wait till next year for the second in the series to come out. But this is by far a great book, and if you like fantasy or young adult I definitely recommend that you read this. It's full of everything you could ever want in a book, it's fast-paced, action-packed, multiple plot twists and betrayals, love triangles that leave your head spinning. This is by far one of my top favorites of 2015 thus far.