The Unexpected Road

Chimera - Vaun Murphrey

The reader drops you off into Cassandra's cramped prison and you get a taste of the caged and always monitored suffering this teenager has gone through for eight long years. Gripping and suspenseful, Murphrey always keeps you interested and guessing what will happen next. I could barely put this book down! When Cassandra gets rescued rather unexpectedly and taken to live with an uncle she wasn't aware she had things become even more mysterious. Cass finds out she belongs to an evolved race of humans called Weavers and that the man who had her imprisoned is the equivalent to a soul eater, stealing the bodies of Weaver's to prolong his own life. She having been on the most recent menu. On top of that, not everyone is happy about the circumstances involving her rescue. The Weaver's Council has made it clear that she is on the outs and they are debating whether or not to keep her around and Cass isn't all that she appears. There are so many avenues where this story can be taken, I can't wait to read the next book in this series, Changeling.